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Customisable, quality travel insurance for the over-65s

Make the most out of your ‘golden years’ by travelling the world! Whether you’ll be soaking up some culture on a European city break or heading for a luxury cruise across the Pacific, one thing’s for certain: retirements aren’t meant for sitting at home. It’s important to stay active well into your old age, and travelling offers the perfect opportunity to get out there and enjoy yourself.

Good news: our travel insurance for senior citizens offers cover for those over 65 and above. So, if you’re travelling, ensure you safeguard your trip with Cover-More UK.

Travel insurance is important for anyone, but for seniors – who may not be as fit and healthy as they once were – it’s even more so. Overseas medical costs can be huge; even simple procedures can run into the thousands, and in some cases, the tens of thousands.

Unfortunately, older travellers can also be targeted by thieves whilst they’re away. Get peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are fully covered.

Take a look at our seniors travel insurance FAQs page for more information.

What type of policies are available?

We have travel insurance policies to suit every budget and holiday type. Plus, you can choose from a variety of additional extras to adjust your cover and premium. So, if you go for our great value Standard Plan) or choose our best travel insurance policy - the Extra Plan - you can purchase add-ons to suit your needs.

If you travel often, our Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance may be ideal for you – it’ll save you time and money. You can purchase 12 months’ cover for trip durations of either 45 days (Basic and Standard Plans) or 62 days (Extra Plan). You’re then covered for an unlimited number of journeys within the 12-month period, up to a maximum of 183 days travel in total.

What will you get?

Whatever the problem, we’ll be there to help; we’ll always be on hand to assist you whilst you’re away, so you can fully enjoy your time there.

These are just some of the great benefits our senior customers get when they take out travel insurance with us:

  • Fast turnaround time for claims processing
  • Helpful call centre (available on 0203 695 7574)
  • 24/7 emergency medical and travel assistance

What we cover:

Depending on which plan you choose, you can be covered for the following:

  • Overseas medical expenses
  • Change in health
  • Trip cancellation
  • Missed departure
  • Luggage and travel documents
  • Travel delay expenses

Do you cover any additional activities and holiday types?

As a senior, you’ve often got more time to spend travelling than those working full-time. This means you’re likely to come across more opportunities to try out new activities on your holidays. Because we want to you to embrace every travel opportunity that comes your way, we offer the below additional add-ons for an extra premium to help ensure you’re protected:

Please note: benefits and coverage amounts vary depending on which policy you take out. Refer to our travel insurance guide for a full break down of what’s covered in each policy.

Senior couple at an outdoor bistro clinking wine glasses

Do you offer insurance for pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes – we don't believe that a pre-existing medical condition should stop you from seeing the world! Cover-More can provide cover for a variety of pre-existing medical conditions, but cover must be separately applied for and accepted by us.

To apply for cover, you must complete a medical screening that can be accessed during the quote process on our website. If you need some help with this, give our friendly team a call on 0203 695 7574 and we’ll be able to help.

Please do keep in mind that cover may be subject to special conditions, limitations, excesses and amounts payable if accepted. We will be sure to notify you in writing of these before issuing a policy.

A few things to remember about your medical cover:

If the state of your health (or the health of anyone on whom your trip depends) changes before you depart, then you must inform us. For example, you’ll need to notify us if a new condition develops, or if a pre-existing medical condition worsens. Failure to tell us about any changes to your circumstances may result in Cover-More having to amend, restrict or cancel your cover under the selected policy.

If you are travelling to Switzerland or within the European Union (EU), or the European Economic Area (EEA), you may benefit from any Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements (RHA).

To benefit, you will need to obtain a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), which replaces the existing European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) now Britain has left the EU. If you do not have a GHIC, your claim may not be covered.

(Note: EHICs issued prior to 31 December 2020 remain valid until they expire. Anyone without a valid EHIC prior to 31 December 2020 will need to apply for a GHIC to benefit from accessing state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in the European Union.)

If you’re going to Australia or New Zealand, you will need to register with the national Medicare scheme in those countries, or your claim may be denied. In-patient and out-patient public hospital treatments are given free of charge or at a minimal cost.

Please read our travel insurance guide for more details.

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Do you need to add Cruise Cover to my policy?

Cruises are great for senior travellers. Visiting multiple locations from the comfort of a luxury liner makes for a relaxing holiday. If you are going on a cruise, then make sure you select our optional extra cruise cover with either our Standard or Extra Plans. You’ll get compensated for any cabin confinement and we’ll also cover things like missed excursions.

Please note our Basic Plan does not have cruise cover available as an add-on; it is only our Standard and Extra Plans which allow this option. Be sure to check out our travel insurance guide, so that you’re aware of the limitations and exclusions of your chosen policy.

Cooling off period

When you purchase a Cover-More policy, you’re covered by our 14-day cooling-off period. This means that if you wish to cancel your policy for whatever reason, you may do so during this time. As long as you are not making a claim under the policy, and are not cancelling after the start of your journey, you’ll get a full refund.

Can I get a quote today?

Yes! Head to our homepage, where you’ll be asked to fill in the following details about your trip:

  • Where you’re going
  • When you’re going
  • Who’s going

You’ll then receive your free quote online – how simple is that?!

You can also talk to a member of our team by calling us on 0203 695 7574.

* Policy availability subject to age, departure date, trip duration and area of travel. Policies may not be available to all travellers and limits may be applied.