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Red Square in Moscow Russia

Explore the world’s largest nation with our comprehensive travel insurance

Russia is as mesmerising as it is mysterious. Its cultural centre, Saint Petersburg, is home to venues such as the Mariinsky Theatre, which hosts opera and ballet, and the State Russian Museum, showcasing artworks ranging from Orthodox icon paintings to pieces by Kandinsky. The nation’s cosmopolitan capital, Moscow, is equally impressive; here you’ll find the Kremlin, the Red Square – Russia's symbolic centre – and Saint Basil’s Cathedral, known for its colourful, onion-shaped domes. Wherever you’re travelling to in Russia, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

But before you set off, it’s essential that you safeguard your trip to Russia with the appropriate travel insurance. Worst-case scenarios are tough to think about with something so exciting just around the corner but being prepared is always a wise option.

In Russia, medical care is available in every major city, but the right cover is essential when visiting the country to avoid any unexpected treatment costs. And, of course, in more rural spots, adequate medical care can be difficult to find, especially in such a vast nation.

Cover-More UK can provide all the travel insurance you need to fully enjoy your experience in Russia. If peace of mind is what you’re looking for, we can give you just that.

What does Russia travel insurance cover?

From our Basic Plan to the Extra Plan, you can have peace of mind with your chosen level of cover.

Overseas travel insurance from Cover-More UK includes a wide range of useful benefits, such as medical and dental cover whilst abroad, access to our team of round-the-clock emergency assistance professionals, and cover (at least in part) against any unforeseen disruptions that may occur during your trip. 

Compare our travel insurance plans to find one that suits you!

What cover can I get for winter sports in Russia?

Russia and snow are synonymous. If you’re looking to do a whole bunch of winter sports whilst you’re away, you’ll find no better destination than Russia. Whether skiing or snowboarding; sledging or sleigh riding – no matter what your tastes, there are plenty of winter sporting activities for the avid adventurer to enjoy here. Get the cover you need with our Winter Sports add-on, which is available on both our Standard and Extra plans.

Our Winter Sports add-on can cover you for a wide range of different winter-themed pastimes, such as skiing, snowboarding, glacier walking, ice skating, and more! Please read our Policy Wording document carefully for a full breakdown showing which winter sports activities are covered under each plan.

Our money-back guarantee 

If you have to cancel your policy due to extenuating circumstances, you can get your money back thanks to our 14-day cooling off period. As long as your trip hasn’t already begun and you’re not in the process of making a claim, you’ll receive a full refund of the cost of your policy. 

Where can I get a travel insurance quote for my Russia trip?

Obtain your free online quote by visiting our homepage. Once there, you’ll be prompted to tell us:

  • Where you’re going
  • When you’re travelling
  • Who’s joining you

Your free quote will then appear, along with a breakdown of each of our policies. Now you can set off for Russia with complete peace of mind!

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