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Business Travel Insurance

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Quality coverage for business travellers

If you’re lucky, work can take you to some pretty extraordinary places – the only downside, of course, being that you’ll actually have to work. Still, we’re willing to bet that tight deadlines and lengthy meetings are a tad more bearable when you’re out of the office and roughing it in some swanky hotel.

Business travel can be fun, but only if your trip runs smoothly. Inconveniences and delays are especially frustrating when work is involved; add the stresses of international travel and the potential for disaster is great. At Cover-More UK, we’ve taken every step to ensure your trip is protected in case something does go wrong. After all, you’ll have enough on your plate as you work without having to worry about if your flight is delayed or your luggage (containing all your important slides) doesn’t make it past the border. 

What does our business travel insurance include?

We’ve pulled out all the stops when it comes to business travel insurance. In addition to covering your overseas medical and/or dental expenses, we can also pay out if your trip is severely disrupted. 24/7 emergency assistance is available wherever in the world you’re travelling, and if you cancel your policy within our 14-day cooling off period, you’ll be entitled to a full refund of your premium (providing you haven’t already made a claim or started your trip). 

If you’re a frequent business traveller, you may benefit from taking out annual multi-trip travel insurance. As well as being covered for an unlimited number of journeys within a 12-month period, you’ll save much in the way of time (and money).

We also offer specialist Business Gold and Diamond annual multi-trip policies - read our Business Travel Insurance Policy Wording to find out more. If you would like to arrange one of these policies call our British service team on 01245 272 408.

What’s all this about add-ons?

With the Diamond Plan providing our most comprehensive level of cover and our Economy Plan catering to a more cost-conscious clientele, travel insurance from Cover-More UK gives you all the coverage you could want without any hassle whatsoever. And that’s without mentioning our amazing add-ons! 

If your business trip is going to be buzzing with activity from start to finish, our add-ons allow you to get creative with your choices, covering everything from winter sports to golf. However, please remember that what you’re covered for depends on the policy you pick. (Exclusions do apply!)

Need more information? No worries, simply consult our travel insurance guide.

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