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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policies

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

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The best value travel insurance for frequent travellers

For those with true wanderlust, travelling only once a year isn’t enough – the world is a big place after all! But wherever globetrotters go, it’s important they protect their trips with travel insurance. That’s why Cover-More UK has a range of customisable policies to help you travel with peace of mind over and over again.

If you’re planning on travelling more than twice within a one-year period, you could save yourself time and money by purchasing our annual multi-trip policy.

Our multi-trip option covers any number of journeys over a one-year period (with a maximum of 183 days travel in total). A limit to the duration of each journey applies; you can choose between 45 days (Basic & Standard cover) or 62 days (Extra cover).

What are the benefits of your annual multi-trip insurance policy?

By taking out annual multi-trip travel insurance, you’ll save yourself time and money – not to mention stress! We all know that adding to your holiday to-do list can be taxing; save yourself the hassle by taking out just the one policy to cover multiple holidays! You don’t need to tell us about every trip you plan on taking; just set off and begin your adventure!

Your policy benefits are automatically topped up after you return home from each trip. If you happen to lose your luggage on one journey and need to claim, for example, it’s reinstated next time – so you aren't left unprotected. What’s more, you can take out as many individual trips as you want throughout the year, up to a maximum of 183 days’ travel in total. Our annual multi-trip policies provide comprehensive travel insurance, so you can see the world with peace of mind.

Changed your mind? If you decide to cancel your policy within 14 working days from purchase, you’ll receive a full refund. Thanks to our money-back guarantee, you won’t be short-changed (providing that you haven’t already departed or made a claim within that time).

What does a Cover-More annual multi-trip policy cover?

Whether you take out our cheapest budget-friendly Basic Plan, mid-tier Standard Plan or our most comprehensive Extra Plan, the important bits are always covered. That means you can enjoy your time away with the knowledge that you’re covered. 

Each of our policies come with medical cover as standard. Many countries that don’t offer free healthcare, making it essential to take out an insurance policy that can cover the costs of treatment abroad.

With 24-hour access to our emergency assistance team, expert support and advice is only a call away. And, if you’ve lost your passport or need to find the nearest English-speaking doctor, our team of professionals will be there to help, too.

Under a Cover-More UK policy, you’ll also have cover for costs incurred as a result of cancellation or amendment, helping to safeguard your pennies in case anything goes wrong.Oh, and our annual travel insurance policies even offer these benefits when you travel within the UK.

Oh, and our annual travel insurance policies even offer these benefits when you travel within the UK.

And, depending on which plan you choose with us, you’ll also get cover for:

  • Missed connection, departure or travel disruptions
  • Lost luggage and travel documents

Choose your level of cover

Once you've decided to take out an annual multi-trip policy, you can choose which of our travel insurance plans best meets your needs:

  • Our Extra Plan offers our finest and most comprehensive travel insurance cover
  • Our Standard Plan offers you quality cover at an affordable price
  • Our Basic Plan offers the most affordable level of travel insurance that fits your budget.

For a full break down of what’s included in each of our plans (including information about adventure sports cover), take a look at our travel insurance guide before taking out your policy.  

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