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Lisa Owen

The abandoned town of Pripyat in Ukraine's central north will have you immersed in the history when you stand where the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster happened 30 years ago.

Isabella Quaid

Australia often gets a bad reputation for its deadly animals but that doesn't distract from its beauty. When travelling Down Under, these are the most dangerous animals you should be mindful about, according to a local.N

Lisa Owen

On a recent road trip through America's west coast, my friend and I tackled the south section on the Californian side. You can take your pick of activities at South Lake Tahoe during the summer months.

Isabella Quaid

Halloween in the United States is a once in a (after) lifetime experience. A plethora of events are planned for October 31 so make sure to get your share of scare this year by visiting these hot spots.

Dr Jane Read

With sensible planning, people with diabetes can start their journey with confidence and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to keep their diabetes in check.

Lisa Owen

Berlin Unterwelten offers a number of interesting and informative tours in German, English and Spanish to provide visitors with an insight into what happened in the city during World War II.

Casey Hawkins

Nara City maintains many characteristics of its past−with hundreds of temples, shrines and hectares of parkland steeped in historical significance.

Lisa Owen

The capital Bratislava is only an hour by train from the Austrian capital Vienna or you can reach it via Hungary or Poland.

Lisa Owen

When you think of travelling in the US, the west coast state of Oregon probably doesn't spring to mind. But if you're an outdoor enthusiast, then Oregon is the perfect place to visit!

Stephen Parry & Jess Valentine

Stephen and Jess from Flying The Nest take us on a trip to the Sydney, Australia. The beaches look amazing!


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