Tourism really isn’t that big in the icy wonderland of Greenland, and we often don’t know what this country has to offer considering it’s in the middle of nowhere (well, in between the Atlantic and Arctic oceans to be precise). We’re here to fix your misconceptions, because Greenland is truly amazing - offering the most incredible nature you’ll probably ever witness between the ice. Everyone should put Greenland on their travel list because it’s the ‘hot’ destination of the year and one that should get you truly excited about travelling.

Hot springs

Greenland has numerous hot springs with those on the island of Uunartoq being the most popular with water temperatures around 38 degrees (the perfect bathtub temperature if you ask me). There’s also three smaller springs that make up one big giant tub – perfect for soaking any time of year and in any type of weather.  And what’s not to like about bathing in a hot spring while surrounded by mountain peaks and drifting icebergs.


Eat like one of the locals and try some game or musk ox. You’ll find these popular menu items in most parts of Greenland. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you can do an organised hunt to catch your own musk ox. But it’s extremely hard work, walking and carrying your own body weight for days on end. So if Rudolph doesn’t tickle your fancy, then freshly caught salmon might be the best option for you.

Northern Lights

From September through to April, you can experience one of the most breathtaking sights known as the Aurora Borealis. It’s an amazing light show where lights dance across the night sky with swirls of green and yellow tones. And maybe even red, blue and purple if you’re lucky. Head to the smaller towns like Ittoqqortoormiit or Kangerlussuaq and you’ll be guaranteed the best seats as they have less ambient lights.

Glaciers and icebergs

Well what’s the difference you ask? To put simply, a glacier is a frozen river of ice whereas icebergs are huge masses of ice that float across the water.  And guess what? Greenland has it all with several amazing sites for tourists to view. You’ll find the larger icebergs in North Greenland and glacier-filled stations in South Greenland – and equally as beautiful.

Outdoor activities

Greenland has some of the best outdoor activities to keep you active during your holiday break. Most cities offer skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, mountain climbing, kayaking, fishing and diving. In March, golf enthusiasts can watch the Ice Golf World Champions in Uummannaq where 36 holes are spread in between icebergs and snowfields.

Don’t get us wrong, Greenland is still one of the most isolated regions in the world making travel a little difficult. But it also means it’s one of the most interesting and untouched regions on the globe with its ancient culture, mountainous scenery and polar ice-caps. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of London city life, to a remote wilderness with new people to meet, towns to explore and nature to see. 

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