Lisa Owen

So after you've come home and made the entire family look through your slideshow of holiday snaps and uploaded only the best to Instagram, what do you do then?

Travel photos serve as a beautiful reminder of the amazing holiday you've been on - but unless you're going to stick them all to a wall you might be unsure what to do with them. We've compiled a list of nifty ideas for recycling your holiday snaps.

Make a clock
It's quarter-to Tahiti right now and we have to leave at half past New York. A regular clock can be so mainstream - change up your home with a clock made from your holiday memories.

ClockImage source: OneGoodThing

Make a jigsaw puzzle

This is a great one for the kids, or kid-like adults. Puzzles are a great brain exercise and you get to relive the memory of your holiday, while you're at it.


Image source: Puzzles Print

Create a phonecase
Want to carry that snap of the Maldives around with you every day? Just so you can stare longingly at it while you’re at work? No problem! Create a phone case with your favourite photo and keep the memory alive.


Image source: Photobox

Put your photos on…marshmallows?
Ok so this is a little weird, but who said holiday snaps couldn’t be delicious? This cool little company called Boomf specialise in printing your photos onto marshmallows. Yes, you read that correctly, marshmallows. So if you have the family round for a photo viewing party, you can drop a photo in their hot chocolate.


Image source: Boomf

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