People who have never travelled alone often describe their first solo trip as an eye-opening and inspiring experience. You are able to experience, understand and take in all new surroundings, cultures, and people without the influence of a travelling companion. Travelling solo is a little indulgent, and absolutely worth only having to answer to yourself. As you plan your first solo travel holiday, check out these 5 places for solo-friendly destinations that will make you feel comfortable, safe and like an experienced solo traveller.

Dublin, Ireland

While Dublin is one of the more expensive places on this list, it is absolutely worth it to shell out the money for a visit to this historically significant, energetic and overwhelmingly fun city. Dublin is full of rich culture and history that may surprise you. When you’ve had your fill of history, head to the Guinness Storehouse to learn how the world-famous Stout is brewed.. In terms of ease of travel, Dublin tops the list with quick, affordable and clean public transportation that allows you to explore all of Dublin, and many of the smaller towns outside the city limits.

Bangkok, Thailand

Many travelling experts refer to Bangkok as “the Venice of the East” because the city possesses so much energy, chaos and natural beauty. Bangkok should be on every traveller’s must-visit list, but especially for solo travellers. While you are there, you can immerse yourself in the overwhelmingly Buddhist culture. Spend time walking through and appreciating one of the many temples found all over the city. When you tire of spiritual destinations, hop on a boat and explore the local waterways. In the back streets you’ll find fantastic local cuisine that will make your taste buds explode with flavour. In addition, Bangkok has extensive, excellent and very modern public transportation options that will make navigation a breeze, even when you are only counting on yourself to get there. Relax, get centred, and enjoy the culture and energy that permeates every part of Bangkok.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam you will find narrow streets, busy city centres, friendly people and a safe environment.

Another relatively affordable destination for solo travellers in Amsterdam. Known around the world for being exceptionally safe, normal precautions should still be taken. Amsterdam is not only beautiful, but it is also imminently easy to get from one place to the next. The city is chock full of bikes locked to bridges, bike parking garages, light poles, trees, and more. Rent a bike and peddle the flat city to find colourful and inviting parks around every turn. Get historical with a visit to Anne Frank’s home, and to museums that are home to famous paintings by famous artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the centre of culture and life for Iceland, and should definitely be on your travel bucket list. Paramount among the attractions that bring people to Reykjavik are the city’s natural wonders. There is the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, which has warm waters that are rich in minerals. If you prefer spotting wildlife, try a whale watching tour where you may also see seals, dolphins and more! This is considered one of the safest places in Europe, but it never hurts to stay vigilant in precautions. While many things in Reykjavik are expensive (especially alcohol), public transportation is reasonable and works well to get you around the city.

Do exactly what you want to do, and nothing else. Once you have figured out which of these destinations is the perfect fit for you, shift your focus to safety—a primary precaution every solo traveller should take. Beyond basic safety tips to protect yourself, be sure to purchase travel insurance cover from Cover-More UK. This way, your health, your investment, your plans and your gear are all protected from whatever comes your way. Relax, indulge and take off on your first solo holiday!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Moyan Brenn, cropped from original