Grab your best friends, grab tickets and head to Coachella for an unbeatable music festival experience

Music festivals have been around since way back in 1969 when rock legends all convened on the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in Bethel, New York, USA. Since the monumental event, there has been a huge surge of interest by festivalgoers and performers to continue the festival experience. All over the world, event organizers have created multi-day events in unique spaces with different vibes and plenty of incredible music acts. It’s an excuse to get away from it all for few days and to celebrate the music you love with your favourite artists in a truly unbeatable environment and surrounded by thousands of like-minded people. So grab your sunscreen, best festival gear and get ready to hit any of these great music festivals all over the globe.

Berlin Festival

The Berlin Festival is a multi-stage music event which takes place at the unused Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany. The feeling of this festival reflects that of the artistic, cool and laidback vibe of Berlin itself.  Since the festival is in an unused airport, there is a different and more concentrated experience to this festival over all the ones that take place in fields. There is an Art Village, Berlin Design & Record label market and a silent arena aftershow party where 10,000+ people can keep the party going after the final main stage gig is done for the night.


Coachella is one of the biggest festivals in the entire United States and continually draws the biggest names out to their desert location to listen to great music, and kick off the festival season with a bang. Currently the event is stretched out over three weekends, although rumours mention that the schedule may be lengthened out to five weekends starting in April. The crowds are internationally diverse, the experience is everything that’s enjoyable and the setting is beautiful. Coachella is a perfect spot to get lost in the music, and do some superb people-watching…you never know what celebrities will be dancing right next to you.

Glastonbury Festival

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, more commonly known as Glastonbury or simply Glasto, is the largest green field open-air music event in the world. It is best known for its contemporary music and performances but also features comedy, theatre, circus and many other arts as a part of the celebration. Glastonbury takes place at the end of June and hosts one of the most star-studded line-ups found anywhere. Glastonbury began with heavy influences from the hippie and free festival movement in the early 1970s and while much of that vibe has disappeared you can still see some aspects of the hippie feel around the festival. The festivalgoers range from families with kids, to seasoned regulars to university students.


Sonar is a festival based in Barcelona, Spain where there are three days of headliners, experimental line-ups and truly massive crowds of people. Sonar is one of the more respected and well-established festivals in Europe and it travels to other countries from time to time as well. The festival is self-described as “three days and three nights in touch with the most up-to-date developments and featuring the most relevant national and international artists.” Acts are split into Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night and is well-known for attracting an avant-garde music community to its stages.

Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense takes place on a woody peninsula on the beautiful Adriatic Coast in Croatia. There are all kinds of electronic music acts and the festival grows in size and influence every year. With a capacity of only 2,000 the Stop Making Sense festival feels incredibly independent and unique compared to other festival experiences. While many festivals in this country border on manic, this festival manages to create a relaxed but exciting vibe. All concerts take place at the beach venue and there are opportunities to join a boat party to take the tunes to the waves.

Above all these festivals aim to focus on the environment and the world and most, if not all, have programs for raising money for charities that work to improve the world. If you are sold and want to begin planning your holiday to a music festival anywhere around the globe, be sure to protect yourself from any unforeseen problems by purchasing travel insurance from Cover-More UK. That way, should something go awry, you’ll have a back-up plan and will be able to get back to the music and back to the festival in no time.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Shawn Ahmed