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As you arrive in Split, Croatia, you'll think it's Italy and you wouldn't be wrong noticing some similarities at least from an historical and architectural point of view. Split is a gem on this side of the world in my humble opinion. This little town has its historical roots intertwined with those of Venice, which is why its architecture resembles the classic Venetian architecture. It's a small town and it's a coastal one so people tend to be friendly and welcoming. So if you're up for a fun holiday, Croatia is the place for you whatever your idea of fun entails. Good food, nice people, great beaches and lots of history. If it's the summertime you are choosing, you can hop on a boat going to Hvar or tour the Kornati Islands.

The Kornati Islands are so beautiful that there's even a legend about their creation. According to this legend, during Creation God had some white stones left so He tossed them, and then, after realizing what He had done, he decided not to change a thing. Many have witnessed their beauty and the trueness of this legend. One of many was G.B. Shaw who, bedazzled by their beauty, wrote: "On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath."

Now, I am just blogging about these islands but Shaw could actually write beautifully well, so he must have seen some beauty there don't you think?


If you are very young and you are travelling with someone you like, the romantic atmosphere of being on those islands will make you fall for each other so be careful who you bring there with you ;) --- Just kidding-- or maybe not.

If you are travelling solo my N1 rule after 10 years of travelling on my own is very simple: ASK local people. There is nothing wrong with that, everybody used to do it before the internet and there's no way better than to actually meet new people the good old fashioned way. Don't be too naive about it and always take what you are told with a pinch of salt but don't be afraid and ask. Depending on what you are going to ask (e.g., directions, restaurant recommendations etc...) try to be selective on the people you ask to.

I personally love to ask people for suggestions, recommendations or directions, sometimes I even just asked for information I really didn’t need, just to break the ice. As I said it's a great way to meet people and isn't that what travelling is about too.

My N2 tip if you are travelling solo specifically in Croatia is to take public transport. Croatia has very good buses and you'll be surprised to know that most drivers speak English well enough to give you directions if you are unsure about what stop you need to get off to reach your destination. To tell you the truth, sometimes it's also fun to get lost - that's when the adventure really starts.


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