Perhaps the very last thing you think about when travelling is what you will wear on your flight to and from your home. Who cares what you’re wearing on the plane when you have every outfit planned and packed for when you are actually there? What you may forget is how dry the air is in airplanes and how quickly the weather can shift. Plus, if you travelling from a cold place to a warmer climate, you don’t want to get off the plane sweating in your coat. Think ahead, plan layers of cover, arrive looking fashionable and in appropriate attire.

Prepare for Temperature Shifts from Warm to Cold & Vice Versa

If you are going to experience a serious weather shift on your holiday, be sure to take into consideration your arrival and return home. After spending a week in warm, toasty paradise, the last thing you want to do is shiver because you didn’t pack a warm coat for your arrival home.

Pack Layers

Comfort and layers are key—keep your outfit simple and you will arrive at your destination feeling refreshed instead of uncomfortable.

The best way to deal with shifting temperatures is to wear a lot of layers. Try a pashmina, it can act as a scarf as you arrive at the airport, a blanket or a pillow during transit. If possible, wear something on the plane that can be worn again on the trip, and layer up for a different look. Try adding a statement necklace to a basic layered ensemble for a stand-out outfit that is comfortable and warm.

Wear Comfortable trousers/Loose Waistband

Since you know that you’ll be seated for a majority of the flight, take extra time to consider what will be sitting at your waist. An elastic option with a touch of Lycra will probably be more comfortable than a tighter option like jeans. The give in the waistband will make you more comfortable in-travel and are less likely to show wrinkles.

Take Care of Your Feet

Don’t forget your feet! It’s likely you’ll be doing a lot of walking and a lot of standing in lines during your travel, so neglecting your feet could lead to unfortunate side effects like a sore back, sore feet or even blisters. Choose flats, trainers or an easy-to-slide-off pair of boots with plenty of support. A pair of fluffy socks for flight time is an unexpected luxury that will have you on cloud nine amidst your boot wearing neighbours. Plus, slip your shoes back on and no one will ever know how relaxed and comfortable you were mid-flight.

Choose your Carry-on Carefully

What you wear is important, but what you bring on the plane with you is important too. Sporting a large sweatshirt? Be sure you know where it will fit before you take your seat. No one likes a seat neighbour who continuously gets up and down for blankets, jackets and more.

Get cozy, get comfortable, and pack your layers so you aren’t caught shivering and unprepared during your next flight. Be sure to purchase travel insurance cover for your next holiday from Cover-More UK so you and your travel companions are protected against the unexpected.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Lauren Craig, edited from original