The only cheesiness you will find in Paris during Valentine’s Day is behind the counter at the Fromagerie. With not a Hallmark card in sight, Paris delivers romance like no other city on earth. There’s something in the air in Paris, and it’s not just the smell of freshly baked croissants. In the City of Love, even the most mundane activities like shopping for cheese or walking along the river become as romantic as a dozen red roses and a dinner set for two. While the cherry on the top is the ubiquitous Eiffel Tower, the streets, the gardens, and the city's galleries are just as sweet.  Paris provides romance for everybody, not just the coupled up. Love can be found in a good book and strong coffee at a corner cafe, or even just getting lost in the winding streets. Failing that, singles can find solace in a warm croissant plucked straight from the oven. 

This Valentine’s day, we thought we would share the crème de la crème of romantic activities and why Paris is the perfect place to celebrate. Don’t say you heard it from us but if you don’t have a bottle of red in your bag at all times, you’re doing it wrong. 


It wouldn’t be a romantic trip to Paris for Valentine’s Day without a jaunt up the Eiffel Tower. There’s something magical about looking over the rooftops, especially on a clear day when you can see all of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Being scared of heights gives you the perfect excuse to give your partner a squeeze but if vertigo gets the best of you, consider having a picnic in the surrounding park. Proposals are a common sight at the top and in the gardens below so if you’re edging for a ring or a ‘yes’, it could be a nice little reminder. 

Once you’ve seen the Eiffel Tower in the day, make sure you go back at night. While the hulking metal is an architectural marvel during the day, at night when it’s covered in lights, it becomes something spectacular. For a special experience, see it with a glass of champagne from a boat on the Seine. 


After the Eiffel Tower has been ticked off, head to the Louvre for a stroll around the most famous art gallery in the world. In the early 19th Century, Paris was a haven for artists, writers, and musicians. After all, it’s a lot more romantic to be broke and living off bread in Paris than say, Southampton. That tradition has carried on, and the Louvre holds some of the most celebrated pieces of art. Once you’ve elbowed your way to see the (surprisingly small) Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, pop over to see Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Love, a sculpture inspired by Cupid himself.  

romantic meal

Man cannot live on love alone, but luckily one of the most romantic things you can do in Paris is eat! Head over to Île St Louis and try a world-famous gelato at Berthillon, find a seat overlooking a bustling square and sip a strong coffee or have a long candlelit dinner dressed in your finest threads. Maybe avoid the escargot if you’re planning on having a smooch later. Whatever culinary experience you choose, Paris won’t disappoint - mostly because butter is always on the menu. If you’re after something really romantic (maybe to pop the question!?) there is no shortage of beautiful restaurants worthy of the occasion. Check out Le Meurice, Apicius or Epicure for a life-changing French dining experience. 

Whether you choose to spend the day sightseeing, relishing the cuisine, or just tucked up in bed with a baguette and a view, there is no denying that every experience is more romantic in Paris. With Paris only a short flight, or train ride away, we can’t think of a better place to spend Valentine’s Day.