Is there anything better than a stack of pancakes? Dripping in maple syrup, piled high with berries or spotted with chocolate chips, it’s easy to love pancakes. It’s not often that a meal is deemed worthy of a dedicated holiday, but pancakes have made the cut and around the world on February 28th, it’s Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day.

The tradition originated as pancakes were a good way to use up the eggs, milk and sugar and indulge before the fasting for Lent, but people outside the Catholic faith also quickly adopted the idea. Shrove, coming from the word ‘shrive’, means ‘to confess’ and another tradition of the day was to spend time in introspection or reflection. So now might be a good time to come clean about using up the rest of the maple syrup.

In honour of the day, here is a round-up of the best pancakes you can get around the world. Sometimes the old shaker mix just won’t do! Also, let’s just have a moment of silence for our Finnish and Estonian friends who don’t eat pancakes today, and instead eat a traditional pea soup. Yes, a pea soup.

Street stall Thai-style banana pancakes

Anyone who has travelled around Thailand for any length of time has discovered the pure bliss that is Thai pancakes. The crêpe-style pancakes are bought for a handful of Baht from streets stalls or rickety carts and come filled with bananas, Nutella, condensed milk, or any number of other things. Perfect for a sweet dessert after a meal of Thai curry, you might find yourself coming back night after night. 

The American stack (Because you can’t just have one)

Thicker than their European counterparts, the American pancake comes with friends - It’s all about that stack. Made with buttermilk and fluffier than a cumulus cloud, the American pancake is best served with maple syrup and a side of bacon. You can find pancakes wherever you go because they are menu staple in every diner and breakfast spot. We hear that The Pancake Pantry in Nashville, The Griddle Cafe in L.A and Clinton St. Baking Co. in New York City serve up some of the best. Just be prepared to line up for these buttery masterpieces. And of course, don’t forget the ubiquitous IHOP which serves up pancakes all day, every day. 

Sweet and Savoury in the crêperies of Paris 

The crêpes of Paris might just be the unsung hero of French cuisine. After all, they have to battle it out with the croissants, pain au chocolats and macarons that tempt dessert-seekers. Usually made with wheat or buckwheat flour, the French crêpe can be made savoury or sweet, so if you’re more into cheese than chocolate, this is your pancake. For some of the best crêpes in Paris, check out Little Breizh in Saint-Germain-des-Pres.

The fancy pancake breakfast right here at home

If you’re not in some far-flung destination this Pancake Tuesday - don’t worry because the UK’s brunch culture means you’re not hard-pressed to find some good pancakes. With toppings like cacao nibs, cinnamon apples and popcorn on the menu, we take pancakes to a whole new level. Pop into any Breakfast Club for a quick fix, or try Christopher’s Grill in Covent Garden who are serving up pancakes all day on the 28th.

Big or little, flat or thin, covered with fancy toppings or just plain old Maple syrup, we hope you’re getting your fix this Pancake Day. And remember, wherever you are in the world, it only takes a few ingredients to whip up a batch of fluffy, buttery pancakes - Enjoy!


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