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Whenever I feel like injecting a little glamour into my life, the Cote d'Azur is my default destination.

Depending on how far I feel like stretching the purse strings, I might seek out a front row ticket at Cafe Senequier St Tropez, where I get a whiff of the luxury yacht lifestyle with my morning coffee. Or alternatively, I grab a good book and head away from the madding crowd and into the surrounding foothills. Regardless of purse strings, there are two types of people who holiday in the stunning Cote d'Azur, those who want to be seen and those who don't. Which one are you?

I am both. There is a certain allure about the glamorous resorts of Cannes and St Tropez which I seem to have little resistance to. Of course both resorts are famed for attracting a celebrity crowd, particularly Cannes during the two week film festival, but the sparkle continues throughout the year. The success of Cannes is largely due to its stunning bay. However unless you have a celebrity status, you will need to head north to find a beach which is not private. Cannes is not all about being seen and visitors can enjoy some fantastic shopping, first class restaurants and regular cruises to nearby Monte Carlo.


St Tropez is about more than the rich and super rich - you just have to look a little deeper. Of course there's no escaping the super yachts and luxury cars but don't have your head turned. Check out the avant-garde art galleries and local markets with food stalls brimming with fresh and local produce!

Nice! Unlike many of the larger resorts on the Cote d'Azur, Nice is keeping it real. This is a truly buzzing, working city. Yes it has the glamour and glitter synonymous with the area but there are plenty of regular people simply enjoying the sunshine in a lovely French city. Unlike other destinations along the French coast, Nice can be enjoyed all year round, indeed December is my favourite time to visit. I have visited so many times in December and each time the weather has been great, but more than that, you get more of an authentic French experience. The hordes of holidaymakers have left and the city takes on a whole new and more chic vibe.

Heading off into the foothills of the Alpes Maritimes is a romantic option, but also peaceful. Whilst the deep blue may be in the distance, the scent of pine air and ancient villages offer a break from the large and sometimes brash seaside resorts. However, if sea air is what you crave but you prefer something a little more relaxed, Cassis has previously been described as the secret Cote D'Azur. This is the easy-going, sun kissed resort that many people fear had completely vanished. Cassis has stayed true to its roots including sea-facing coloured cottages, working fishing boats and lazy lunches of locally caught crustaceans. A well kept secret indeed, so shhhhh, keep it to yourself!


Blog article by Elisabeth S, Fashion and Travel Writer, London. Image source: I Stock

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