The old and new world clash beautifully in Hong Kong. You can eat the latest Instagram food craze at one end of the street, and then munch on traditionally made dim sum at the other end.

You’ve got traditional Chinese influences sparring with Hong Kong’s fiercely independent spirit, and on top of all that, Western tastes brought about by a huge amount of tourists, business people and expats. Luckily, Hong Kong does food incredibly well, so much so that steaming plates of Dim Sum, perfectly executed Cantonese fare, and the new wave of fusion cuisine is reason enough to visit this patch of the world. Like anywhere with a beautiful mess of inspiration, there comes some quirk and weirdness - Hong Kong has it all. Here are seven special places you must eat at in Hong Kong.

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Oddies Foodies

A Hong Kong institution and a must-visit for any ice cream lover is Oddies Foodies. It has taken the humble soft serve and topped it with a traditional Hong Kong treat - the egg waffle. Don’t forget to whip out your phone and take a picture; you won’t be alone in trying to get a good one.


Situated in Sheung Wan, Teakha is the place to go for tea and a treat. Bordering on cutesy with a gorgeous mint green colour palette, Teakha has a huge range of teas to choose from and the pastries alone are worth the trek. Choose anything with Matcha and you won’t be disappointed. Plus, your food will match the walls.

Tim Ho Wan

A serious foodie won’t mind the wait (which can take up to 3 hours) to try one of the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurants on earth. It’s a very unassuming little place where Tim Ho Wan serves up Dim Sum and does it very, very well. The Cha siu bau baked buns (roast pork bun) are what you go for, but everything Tim Ho Wan does is good.

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Lok Cha Tea House

Not tea, but dumplings - The Lok Cha Tea House is a favourite amongst everyone. Serving up bamboo baskets of dumplings, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit like a dumpling yourself when you get up to leave.

Australia Dairy Company

Nothing Australian about it, the Australia Dairy Company is another hit with locals and has gained a reputation as another Hong Kong institution. The menu is very eggy and very milky - most people come here for the scrambled eggs and toast. The perfect spot to try some of the more weird drinks that you see on the menu in Hong Kong - Australia Dairy Company do a half coffee, half tea concoction. Abomination for some or perfection for others.

Elephant Grounds

Looking for the perfect cup of coffee? Elephant Grounds is Hong Kong’s own mini coffee chain that serves up some pretty special cups of coffee. Decked out in wood, with decor pretty enough to be a posh London coffee joint, Elephant Grounds is the perfect place for an early morning pick me up.

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Sang Kee Congee Shop

Serving up piping hot bowls of congee to the masses, Sang Kee has its own cult following amongst both locals and visitors. In case you’re wondering what congee is, it’s a hot rice porridge that is usually served with savoury toppings like meat and fish. Pop in and give this popular Hong Kong dish a go.

The hardest question you might have to answer on holiday to Hong Kong is “Where shall we eat?”. With so many places to choose from, Hong Kong is a foodie’s dream. Better take those stretchy pants!