The Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses of this world surely have some inside knowledge of the best places to spend a well-earned holiday. From a remote African island to an imposing Scottish castle, here are some of the favourite Royal holiday spots.

Prince William and his Indian Ocean Island

A tiny island off another tiny island, Rodrigues is beautifully remote and thoroughly undiscovered. Situated 600 km offshore from Mauritius, Rodrigues is a favourite destination for Prince William who undoubtedly uses the island as an escape from being a prominent member of the British royal family. A volcanic speck of land in a wide splash of blue lagoon, Rodrigues has hidden beaches galore, a network of explorable caves, and only one petrol station.

The locals live off fishing, in particular, squid which is hung up to dry like laundry, and are known to enjoy a beer or ten. A pastime which perfectly suits the slow pace of life on the island. Prince William first visited the island in 2000 as part of a conservation project in his gap year, and if the island is good enough for him, it’s good enough for us too. We just need to figure out how to get there first.


Image from Flickr user Giorgio Minguzzi

Danish Royalty and an idyllic summer Palace

In the Jutland region of Southern Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary along with their children spend their summer days in Gråsten Palace. The area has quiet beaches, plenty of historical Danish charm and Denmark's only connection with mainland Europe. The palace has long, vivid green lawns which pop against the stark white of the palace walls and like Balmoral, is open to the public when the family are not there.

Pack your nautical stripes, bright whites and boat shoes, and you could even recreate the polished look the family sport every year for their annual summer photo shoot.

A Scottish castle fit for the Queen

The Queen knows the beauty of returning to a favourite holiday destination every year, and when the destination is a castle in the Scottish highlands, you can understand why she forgoes more exotic destinations. Balmoral Castle, situated in Aberdeenshire, is the perfect spot for the Queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh to unwind with long walks (with the corgis, of course!) and have picnics in the grounds.

Wanting to have the royal experience? There are many quaint lodges in town, and the castle is open for tours from April through to July, which is when the Queen comes. Once you have mastered the royal wave, you’re ready. Don’t forget to pack your hat collection.

balmoral castle

Image from Flickr user Katie Burt

But the Côte d'Azur wins everyone over

The Côte d'Azur, or the French Riviera as it is known in English, has a certain glamorous and unattainable feel to it. Known for being the holiday place of people that are just a bit better looking, and a whole lot richer than you, the beautiful coastline also attracts the Royals. Monaco has its very own set of them in Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, but many other royals have been spotted taking a Mediterranean holiday.

Monaco itself hasn’t been praised for being very quaint; It’s become a shrine to fast cars and money, but the coastline as a whole is a beautiful part of the world. Just remember to smile for the paparazzi. And by paparazzi, we mean your mum wielding her iPad camera at you. 


When you're royalty and money is no object, you can vacation in some of the most idyllic places in the world. Whether you're wanting to visit a destination that feels removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or prefer to enjoy the glitz and glam of popular hot spots, you too can holiday like the best of them - as long as you're prepared to open up your wallet!