Booking flights for a holiday in the near future? Then we’ve got you covered with our best value-for-money tips and tricks. While there is no easy strategy to finding the best deal, there’s loads of flight comparison sites that will make it that bit easier for you. And we’ve all heard the many different theories, ‘book after 3pm on Tuesdays’, ‘book a deal and fly at the last minute’, or ‘let’s book months in advance to get the best deal’.  So how do we really know when the optimal time is to book airline tickets?

sunset flight

Well here’s the low-down on the best time to hit the skies for less.

  • Ok travellers, so we think we all want to know when is the best day to book tickets, right? Well count Friday out, because there’s usually an increase in business bookings forcing the prices to rise. Weekends are usually the best time to buy, particularly Sunday (and especially if you plan on flying out more than 21 days in advance) – with analysts suggesting passengers can save more than 30%. Sign us up!
  • Funnily enough, some experts say there is no secret time and that we must be looking four times a day, and every day of the week – to secure the best flights. So we recommend downloading a flight comparison app like Skyscanner, Webjet or Expedia to monitor this regularly.  You can even set up price alerts to receive notifications when the prices change.
  • Signing up to email alerts and following your favourite airlines’ social media channels are some of the best ways to stay up to date with hot deals. In no time, your news feeds and email inboxes will be filling up fast with flash sales, last minute deals and special introductory rates.
  • If you can manage your spending, get a credit card so you can reap the reward points. You can use these points towards the cost of flights and who knows you might even have enough points for a free return flight to New York City.  And at least this saves you from having to check the prices of flights every day.
  • Be flexible when searching for a booking. Try searching the whole month rather than selected dates so you can compare the prices for each day. You might be really surprised by how much you can save by flying out one day earlier than originally planned. Do this step before you apply for leave at work so you don’t stuff your boss around with travel dates.


  • Sometimes the cheapest flights you see aren’t always the best value. Make sure it includes seat selection, baggage, meals and even Wi-Fi otherwise it might mislead you into making the wrong choice.  In some cases, baggage and meals are considered ‘extras’ and come at a hefty price tag – so do you research and compare your options.
  • Flying with red eyes will generally mean cheaper flights. While this means you’ll probably be travelling at dawn or overnight – you’ll be guaranteed a better price even though you might be tired and hangry (*irritable as a result of being hungry). People don’t like setting their alarms for 2am to catch a 6am flight, so why not take advantage of this?  Like they always say, no rest for the wicked!
  • Think about catching the train? Yeah that’s right, ditch the plane altogether and opt for a much cheaper option. While it may take a little longer, you’ll get to see some magnificent scenery with trains connecting you to most major cities in Europe. Also, a great option for those who cringe at the thought of flying.

train trip

Unfortunately, when it comes to booking flights – there is no magical answer. But with just a little planning and foresight, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.  So do your research and compare airlines to find the best deal that’s right for you, and be flexible with dates wherever you can. Remember, flight prices can change by the minute so if you see a good deal – jump on it straight away. Safe travels!