Love music? Love travel? Combine the two with a round the world trip of the best music festivals across the globe.  

From Tomorrowland to Coachella and everywhere in between, there’s no shortage of music festivals worldwide. The hardest part is deciding where and when. Depending on your taste in music, how far you want to travel and what time of year you want to go, there are a number of festivals to choose from when deciding on the best international music experience for you. 

Tomorrowland - Belgium

Often described as the best dance music festival in the world, Tomorrowland is a quick flight from the UK; located in Boom, Belgium. With countless global packages on offer depending on your preferred method of travel and your accommodation preferences, Tomorrowland have thought of everything. Tickets sell out quick though, so if your heart is set on a Tomorowland adventure you need to be get organised quickly.

Coachella - USA

In recent years the attention of Coachella  has shifted slightly more towards celeb sightings and who wore what, but if alternative music and “boho chic” outfits are your thing then this is the festival experience for you. Whilst travelling from the UK will make the journey to Coachella quite expensive, it’s the perfect excuse to visit the States and do some further sightseeing there. Located in California, the heat may be the only downside of this two weekend experience, with temperatures reaching a humid 35 degrees most days.  Camping is rumoured to be the best way to experience everything Coachella has to offer and immerse yourself in a whole new world of fun.

Splendour in the Grass – Australia

Occurring annually in July, Splendour in the Grass is the largest music festival in Australia. During the Australian Winter, it’s the perfect time to visit for any UK native that might be scared of the scorching temperatures of an Aussie Summer. Be sure to pack your favourite gum boots and a few back up ponchos as it can get quite muddy, but half the fun is wading through the mud in a rush to see your favourite band and trying not to fall over. A 3 day camping adventure is the best way to get the most out of this experience Down Under.

Exit -  Serbia

On a slightly smaller scale, Serbia’s award-winning Exit festival is climbing its way up in the international music festival ranks. With fewer crowds, shorter toilet waiting times, and music genres varying from electronic, rock, hip/hop, metal, reggae and punk, there’s something for everyone. Exit is an overnight festival, with many festival goers spending their days on the beach recovering from the night of partying before. Exit is a great way to embrace the Serbian party life, because who doesn’t love lazing around on the beach and regaining your energy for the night of partying ahead?

Glastonbury - UK

Glastonbury is not only close-to-home but also has a very expansive range of music genres. It’s a festival that you and your Dad could attend and both see some of your favourite artists.  So if you’re looking for something closer to home, Glastonbury is by far the best option. Alternatively, Reading and Leeds festival in the UK, whilst not as iconic as Glastonbury, are still becoming festival institutions for music lovers around the world.

Whilst most of these high-profiled festivals have either already occurred or sold out for 2017, now is the perfect time to start planning for 2018! Why not make a holiday out of it?!