With old friends or new, spending some time in Germany’s biergartens is always a fun time

Few things say Germany quite like a tall glass of beer. Germany has such a wide-spread area that it can be hard to know the perfect beer house to visit when city hopping. The term “biergarten” certainly sounds fancy but it’s much more than any old place to sit down and enjoy a beverage or two. Beer gardens originally were created as a way for Bavarian breweries to keep their stock of dark lagers cooler in the summer heat. Cellars were dug and before long breweries were serving beers right above the cellars—a practice that eventually became today’s traditional German beer gardens. Today these taverns, halls and gardens are the perfect place to spend an afternoon in communal revelry taking in a football game with the locals and feasting on traditional German meals.

Auerbachs Keller

Located in Leipzig, Auerbachs Keller is the most famous tavern in eastern Germany. This is the famous landmark where Goethe staged a debate between Faust and Mephistopheles. With an opening date way back in 1530, its understandable how history can come alive as you sit at the tables and partake in delicious Bavarian treats and drinks.

Augustiner Braustuben

Located in Munich with the best of the breweries, Augustiner Braustuben is an authentic tavern at the backdoor of the Augustiner brewery. Here you’ll find a jovial combination of Bavarian comradery and happiness with unbeatable dishes with out of this world flavours. An added bonus? You’ll get all of this without the overbearing crowds you’d get in other establishments.


Perhaps the most famous of them all, Hofbrauhaus needs no introduction. The royal blue logo with a shining yellow “HB” can be found on most things in this enormous beer hall—from the plates to the mugs to the traditional steins for sale. It can safely take the title of the world’s most famous beer hall and with its expansive size upwards of 4,500 beer drinkers can cram into the space comfortably. There are live bands, huge mugs of beer, comfortable wooden tables and plenty of choices for cuisine to create the perfect spot for a bit of nighttime Bavarian fun!

Zum Roten Ochsen

Zum Roten Ochsen is located in idyllic Heidelberg, and over the years, “The Red Ox ,” has caught the attention of famous beer enthusiasts. From Mark Twain to Bismarck, famous people have been coming to Zum Roten Ochsen since 1703. It’s a perpetual favourite of the students studying in Heidelberg since the establishment opened and their overindulgent choices continue to this day.

Whether you have a rare pint of monk-brewed ale, or a foaming jug of the most popular beer, Germany is sure to outperform your best expectations. The vibe is a big part of the experience and if you can’t be happy drinking locally-brewed beverages in a traditional beer house, surrounded by amiable new friends and live, upbeat music, then when can you be happy? Protect your festive holiday from unforeseen problems with an international travel insurance plan from Cover-More.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Mandy