Nikolina Koevska

There are two types of travellers in this world. The Free-spirited travellers who just go with the flow, book everything the night before and change plans at the drop of a hat. Then there are the Systematic travellers, like me. The people who pre-plan their days, write endless checklists and panic when they hear the word ‘delay’. Whatever type of traveller you are, you can always do with a little help. These are my top five apps that, after using, no traveller out there will be able to holiday without!


Now these apps work alongside some tips and tricks that you need to be across when hitting the road.

  1. Most of these work offline but need to be set up online! Internet is a scarce thing while on the road, so cherish it when you have it and make the most of your time when you don’t. Make sure you download as much content as you can for each of these apps while connected and that way you’ll use it to it’s full potential when you’re without a signal.
  2. Apps only work when you have a device to use them on, so charge your gear! Just as Internet is scarce, electricity can be as well when you travel. So make sure your gear is charging every chance you get. Also, invest in power banks because you never know when you’ll be reunited with a plug!
  3. Prioritize what you need to download!  Sitting in a bar next to a power point with 30 minutes of Wi-Fi left? Think about what the next day entails, download what you need for it and don’t waste time scrolling through your feeds. This way you’re one step ahead of yourself at all times!


Sometimes it scares me how much I rely on Google Maps back home. A day will come when my signal is down, and I’ll be lost only 15 minutes away from home because I never bothered to memorize the way back.  I could get out of that situation when home, but not in the middle of a foreign city!  So I use MAPS.ME. The app is an offline map and navigator system that helps you get anywhere you need quick and easy. It works just as any nav would; you just have to download the area map that you need ahead of time. It stores each map and once you’re out in the open and without signal, you can navigate around that city no problem. Oh, and it’s also free!


Google Translate

Finding your way around a foreign city can be just as hard as communicating with the locals for your day-to-day needs. So along with an offline map, make sure you download an offline translator. I’ve tried a few during my travels, but my favorite is Google Translate. The app can translate over 100 languages through voice and/or text. It lets you download different language packs to use offline and you can even take photos of signs to be translated for you. Hey, you might even learn a language or two using it!



Keeping track of your money while overseas can be a nightmare, especially when travelling with others. Who paid for what, in what currency and how much do we owe each other? Before you pull your hair out trying to figure it all out, download SPLID - the group spending tracker. The app allows you to document every purchase made by your group while overseas. You log a trip, add each person and then record your transactions. There’s no need for currency conversion as it does it all for you! It’s a lifesaver and completely free. It also acts as a pretty handy spending tracker when travelling alone, if you feel like keeping tabs on yourself.



Among the thousands of upsides to travelling, one of the downsides is the lengthy transit time in between destinations. It can get pretty uncomfortable and boring at times so make sure you’re keeping yourself entertained. What better way is there then to listen to music? Spotify’s Premium account allows you to download music while connected to the internet so that you can listen to it freely offline. You have to subscribe but it’s so worth it. As soon as you get to a hostel, download a funky playlist or album and keep your next six-hour bus ride interesting! Just make sure you put your phone on battery saver mode as, although it’s worth it, the app can drain your battery pretty quickly.


Trip It

If you’re like me and get a little anxious about how many different flight confirmations and check in details you need to keep track of while on a trip, then you’ll love this app. Trip It is your Personal Assistant while travelling. You forward it all of your travel and accommodation confirmation emails and it automatically saves them all in a handy itinerary for you! It keeps track of where you have to be and at what exact time, so it’s perfect for planning your days right and never missing a flight!

When you’re only given a handful of weeks of holiday time a year, you want to make the most of it. Know where you’re going and how to communicate, keep track of your money and itinerary, and throughout it all stay entertained! I encourage you to download these apps and start playing around. You’re experience overseas will only be better for it!


Nikolina Koevska is a Radio/TV Personality. She's not only hosted a number of radio shows including the iHeartRadio Countdown and Get Fresh with Niki and Jules but she also slipped into the TV world as a Weather Presenter for Sky news. These days she finds herself walking the halls of Nova 96.9FM in Sydney, Producing Fitzy and Wippa while freelance writing. In the small amount of spare time she has she loves nothing more than devouring a good cheese board, having a few cranberry vodkas with friends and binge watching Jane the Virgin. Follow her adventures on Instagram @nikolinak or via her website.

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