Arsenal FC in European Football

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As one of the English Premier League’s most international teams, both in terms of its players and fan base, it should come as no surprise that there’s plenty to say about Arsenal’s global influence. As a truly world-famous brand, their Twitter following (which currently stands at 13.7m) spans 6 continents.

Based on the geography of their Twitter following, Arsenal are one of the most popular Premier League teams in Africa, if not the most popular. On average, 29% of football fans support the club, and the continent contains the top 3 countries in the world with the highest percentage of followers on the social media platform* – these are Morocco (55%), Togo (52%) and Ethiopia (52%); no other Premier League team comes close. Manchester United and Chelsea are the other two most popular Premier League teams in Africa, but (unlike Arsenal), they don’t have a following of over 40% in any one country there.

Thanks to their popularity in New Caledonia – where 47% of football fans support Arsenal* – Australia and Oceania is the continent with the second biggest global following of Arsenal fans on Twitter, with an average of 24.88%.

The Americas have the third largest Arsenal following. On average, 24% of football fans support the club in South America; the same goes for North America. The USA also boasts 50 Supporters’ Clubs; the largest number of branches outside the UK.

In Asia, 20% of football fans support Arsenal. Vietnam has the largest following at 26%, followed by Iran (26%) and Taiwan (24%).*

If we look a little closer to home, it’s clear that Arsenal’s support remains steadfast; almost 20% of European football fans follow them on Twitter before any other English Premier League club. France is the European country with the biggest following, at 34%.*

French player Thierry Henry no doubt helped to propel Arsenal’s popularity in France during his time there. He made the most appearances for Arsenal in European competitions; he also scored big – record-breaking big – whilst playing for the club, securing the most goals in European competitions. On top of this, he scored the most UEFA Champions League goals, the most Premier League goals and the most League goals. Out of the 337 games he played, Henry scored a whopping 228 goals for the Premier League team, making him the most prolific Arsenal goal-scorer to date.

Here in the UK, Arsenal’s fan base is largely spread across most of London and the South. However, Arsenal fans aren’t just located in southern parts of the country. In Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross (the Highlands), 18% of Premier League fans support Arsenal on Twitter,* followed by Chelsea and Liverpool, who both have a following of 11%. Lanarkshire is home to 23% of Arsenal fans over a more concentrated area (specifically, East Dunbartonshire and Glasgow North).

Arsenal’s popularity in Scotland can be traced back to its historical formation. After all, Scotsman David Danskin was a founding member of Dial Square FC in Woolwich (later renamed Royal Arsenal); the club that has ultimately become Arsenal as we know it today.

Bar London and Scotland, the 5 UK counties with the largest proportion of Arsenal fans* are Devon (22%), Hertfordshire (21%), Yorkshire (19%), Bedfordshire (19%) and Middlesex (18%).

*Compared to any other English Premier League team.

Data correct as of July 2018.

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